Frequently Asked Questions

Life Coaching is a highly effective approach to consciously creating your life. Life coaching provides tools and practices that can be incorporated immediately with significant and lasting results. Personal life coaches help you see the truth of your life from an entirely new perspective. Coach Carrie in Round Rock, TX is proactive, with a focus on the present and an eye on achievement of goals.

It’s up to you. You are the one who decides that you’ve accomplished your goals or that you have more work to do. There is no “average.” Personal Life Coaches sometimes work with clients for just a few sessions and help them achieve deep understanding and change. Other times we work with clients who are looking for balance in several areas of their lives and are willing to commit more time and energy these goals. Our aim is to help you be self reliant in all aspects of your life.

Yes, both ways have advantages and the decision is yours. We also can come to your home. Please call for more information.

Generally, a life coaching session is 50 minutes. Initial sessions for couples are usually an hour and a half so that each partner is able to provide enough information for the personal life coach to help the couple better understand each others needs and begin to achieve their goals.

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